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Managed Print Services
Did you know that one of the largest unaudited expenses in Corporate America today is Printing costs?

Are you aware of the true total cost of ownership relating to your printer fleet?

You may want to first ask yourself a few questions.

How many printers do you have in your business today?
Are they being used at or near capacity?
How often and for how long are they out of service?

What are these cartridges costing my business on an annual basis?
Do printers waste the valuable time of my IT department and staff?
Who fixes these printers when they are broken?
Do I pay for parts and Labor on top of the cartridge costs?
Am I
purchasing new printers unnecessarily because I don’t have a maintenance plan in place for my existing fleet?

Without knowing the total cost of ownership how can I budget?

If you do not know the answers to the above questions, trust us, you are not alone!

Managing printers is difficult and time consuming. Paying for service on a per call basis is unpredictable and expensive.

Knowing the answers to these questions gives you the power to extend the life of document output devices, optimize printer placements and increase uptime, all while saving you money! 

With our FREE Managed Print Services Audit, we will analyze your entire print environment , give you the answers to critical questions and problems, while showing you an automated print management program that can save you up to 30% on your current printing costs.

Our All- Inclusive Managed Print Services at a glance

Puts you in control of your printing costs and optimizes your fleet

Lowers your printing costs by up to 30%

Remote Monitoring for Automated Toner/cartridge replenishment

Remote Monitoring for Proactive Maintenance and Service alerts

On site repair by certified technicians

Free's up your IT staff from unproductive and time consuming printer tasks and issues

Quarterly Reports and Review

Reduce paper along with Greener Environmentally friendly print strategies

Consolidate your vendors to a Pro-Active All Inclusive (Parts, labor and supplies) single source provider

 Click here for a detailed information of Centrals MPS program.

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